Thursday, January 11, 2018

What Is The Average Cost For A Funeral In Michigan?

In the state of Michigan, funeral costs seems to be in line with other states across the country.  However, have you really looked at what all is included in the cost of a respectable funeral? came out with a article that really dives into all of the charges that are included in getting a funeral set up, and accomplished.

Let’s look at some of the charges,

  1. Fee for funeral director - $1500
  2. Cost for casket - $2500 (can be more)
  3. Embalming - $500
  4. Cost of funeral home expenses - $500
  5. Gravesite - $1000
  6. Cost to dig the gravesite - $600
  7. Grave liner for container - $1000
  8. Cost of headstone $1500

Begins to add up quick as I think you would agree? Also, these are average numbers I guess you could say.  My mother passed in 2001’, and her funeral costs were more than this.  I can tell you we did not go extreme by any means.

Michigan Final Expense Life Insurance
Michigan Final Expense Life Insurance

When you look at these “ballpark figures,” maybe you could lower them with a cremation.  Maybe.. But here is a fact that we all are facing in our communities.  The cost of funerals are going up, and  nothing is showing us at this time that those costs are stabilizing or in better terms leveling out.

So what can you do as a Michigan consumer?  Obviously you can protect yourself and let us admit it protect others from paying for your funeral with life insurance.  However what type?

Term insurance pays for a select period of time for which you pick.  If you pass within that time frame, then your benefactors receive a check.  

However for most of us, we’ll outlive our term life policies.  For burial life insurance protection (or final expense coverage within the industry itself) we recommend a small whole life insurance policy, or again a final expense plan.

These policies are lifetime coverage.  Benefits never decrease, and prices never increase.  This allows you to keep a small program in your pocket for when your last day comes.  Very affordable, and keeps other within your family from getting the bill.

At Michiganhealthbroker, INC. we broker with over 100 carriers.  This allows us to offer you based on your health past, the most affordable program on the market.  No one is denied, and coverage can begin next day after approved.

Reach out to the agency today for questions about a Michigan final expense policy.

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