Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Can You Get A Michigan Life Insurance Policy After Having A Heart Attack?

The dreaded heart attack, an unfortunate issue that strikes many here within the state of Michigan.

However what is not known, is the fact that many consumers survive and live long and healthy lives.  So as these consumers get older, obviously life insurance is a must and a necessary program which is needed.

A myth or concern that many Michigan consumers have is that Michigan life insurance is out of reach after having a heart attack.  That is just not true.  Even if you suffered the attack a month ago, you could get coverage.  Now depending on the length of last occurrence, the ability to get a better plan is possible.  However again, no matter if your a month out of three years out, you can always get coverage.

Contact us today if you are a Michigan consumer who has survived a heart attack.  We’ll be able to help you.

Michigan Life Insurance After Having A Heart Attack

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