Monday, November 25, 2013

Health Alliance Plan and BCBSM Will Not Renewal Non Compliant Health Plans

Not surprisingly to me to me, Blue Cross of Michigan and also HAP are not going to extend their health insurance policies that will not satisfy the completely new healthcare law requirements.

Nevertheless, if on the BCBSM Keep Fit program, they are going to extend that through 14'. That is the only Blue Cross of Michigan plan they are permitting this for.

While President Obama did extend the opportunity for states to enable the companies to retain their pre-plans for an additional 12 months, numerous companies have rejected. To much capital has been spent shifting clients to modern "approved programs."

We at the firm realize the irritation on a lot of levels. Come 1/1, various health carriers will have their metallic plans within the Marketplace, however have plans outside of the Marketplace additionally.

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