Sunday, October 20, 2013

Michigan Mortgage Protection Life Insurance Coverage.. Is It Worth It To You?

It is my opinion most of us would certainly agree that our family home is our most valuable asset.. Nevertheless (as we know), many families are compelled to depart their home on account of difficulties due to death, disability, or even sometimes now unemployment.

Simple question, in case you past away would your loved ones have adequate cash to help pay back the mortgage? All the more, if you are struggling to work for a long-term time frame, will your family have sufficient money to pay the mortgage loan per month?

What about this, if you lost your job, would you still be able to affordable your premiums?

Our agencies mortgage life insurance plans are term life insurance plans, that help to keep your home if the unexpected happens.

Benefits include,

  • You pick the amount of coverage that you need and the period that closely matches your mortgage.  Options include 30,25, 20, or even 15 years of level premium coverage.  This is your life insurance coverage.
  • If you become disabled, you may receive a monthly income up to $2000 for up to two years in the event you become totally disabled (optional benefit).
  • If you become critically ill (qualifying critical illness), you may get advanced up to 50% of the death benefit. (option benefit).
  • With the waiver of premium rider (optional benefit), your monthly premiums may be waived if you become totally disabled.  This also includes the involuntary unemployment rider.  With this rider, your premiums may be waived and you can keep your coverage during a total disability or a period of involuntary unemployment.

Would you like to learn more about our agencies Mortgage Protection Life Plans?? Contact us to day so we can discuss your options.

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