Tuesday, August 27, 2013

IRS issues final last rules for Obamacare "Individual Mandate" for Michigan

Off of Yahoo tonight, the IRS has released the final rules for the “Individual Mandate” to hit us with Obamacare.

Pretty to the point, if you do not carry health insurance you will be subject through a fine.  $95 or 1% of your income in 2014′, all the way up $695.00 or 2.5% of your income by 2016′.

Couple of other facts that were released that caught me by surprise.  One was that employees getting health coverage through a union-sponsored plan. They clarify that these employees will not be penalized, said tax lawyers who reviewed the rules on Tuesday.

Another surprise for me was employees getting healthcare coverage from a temporary staffing agency are safe from penalties.

So whatever you views are with regards to this law, it is coming and quick.  October (if all things go as planned) should bring the exchange to the market place for consumers of the state to view coverage’s.  From what I know, rates for our state have not been released.  However with a little research, you will find other states who have released initial rates that will be going to the market.

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IRS issues final last rules for Obamacare "Individual Mandate" for Michigan

Child Life Insurance in Michigan

One thing our agency has always promoted, has been life insurance for children.  We believe with low premiums and easy underwriting, every child should be covered.

Their are numerous reasons why we promote this.  One, obviously if ever the policy was needed, a tragedy has occurred.  The policy will help in this transitional period.  What do I mean by that?  Well burial expenses are going to arrive and you will need funds, and you will have these without worry and even struggling on where to find it.

Another reason why we promote this.  When you secure coverage for a child a younger age, with most policies (not all) you can increase coverage at an older age with no questions asked.  This is very important.  All of us older in age understand sometimes how hard it is to qualify for affordable life coverage, due to past or current health conditions.  Again when you secure coverage for your child, they have the option at a later date (age) to up coverage with no questions asked.


We enjoy covering children as it is a great thrill to us.  To learn more about different plans for children within the state, make sure to contact us today.


Child Life Insurance in Michigan

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Michigan 10 & 20 Pay Whole Life Insurance Information

One of the most understood and maybe least appreciated life insurance plans in Michigan are the 10 and 20 pay whole life insurance programs.

Working in the burial life insurance business that I do, mostly if not all of my burial plans are whole life insurance plans that I sell.  When you lay out options, and tell consumers that their life insurance plans can be paid off in 10 or 20 years, some jump at the option.  That is a considerable difference then paying their entire life for their insurance program.

So in a nutshell, both 10 and 20 pay whole life plans work by paying your premium (usually more expensive) for the select years, and then the plan is paid off for good.  That is correct, your life insurance plan requires no more premiums and continues to gain cash value even though you are paying no more premiums.


Couple Happy

If more consumers understood the nature of these life insurance plans, I feel they would be popular.  To be able to pay off your Michigan life insurance plan in a certain amount of years, again most people would take that option.  Who wants to pay their life insurance forever, if they could afford to limit the years they pay.


You could always contact us to learn more about these certain plans within our state of ours.  We would be happy to discuss your options.



Michigan 10 & 20 Pay Whole Life Insurance Information