Friday, November 30, 2012

Study Shows Michigan Has Third Least Competitive Health Insurance Market

I guess that AMA had some tough things to say about the Michigan health insurance Market.  Within this article, they explain their position.

To me as a broker, I feel the state is very competitive within the health insurers that broker here.  Now, at points do these carriers adjust their premiums here?  Well that answer would be yes.  Even I would admit at any point only a select few are priced to sell here.

What you will see is the AMA discussing Blue Cross at heart with the proposal that would turn them into a non-profit mutual health insurance company.  This has been discussed at heart, and we will see where this goes with regards to BCBSM.

As I said, to me at this point (no one knows the future) the state of Michigan has very competitive options for consumers and their Michigan health insurance needs.