Monday, September 3, 2012

Michigan Health Insurance Exchange - Out Of Time?

Reading reports, you had to expect this.  It is said that Governor Snyder has basically handed over the deal to Washington to see what they can do for the state.  It will be interesting to see what happens.

As a health insurance agent, I also will be curious to see what or how this "online" government site works.  At Michiganhealthbroker, INC. , we work with all of the major health insurance companies within the state, or who is left.  So how is the exchange going to help consumers within the state?

I would love to do a poll on what consumers of the state expect as Obamacare approaches.  I can tell you that their are good aspects, and very poor aspects off the law that are starting to take effect.  But what do the prospects off this state want with this exchange.  Would you rather talk to an agent and respect his choices for you, or take responsibility on your own when it comes to buying your own Michigan health care?

Snyder apparently wants a "state driven plan", and all politics aside, you could not convince me that their is a difference.