Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Michigan Group Health Insurance Plan Is "Top Notch!"

You know, most of the time you are right.  However, within the last month I have ran into some horror stories here within the Michigan group health insurance market.

Both consumers tell me the same thing within a conversation that we were having.  My group health insurance plan is "great" and "top notch."  But let me ask you this, when is the last time you looked at the exact benefits of your health insurance plan that is provided to you from your employer?

Now I will say, 99% percent of the time your group health insurance plan is very good.  However, the 1% can be disastrous for you.  One of the consumers I mentioned above has a rough month, and ends up in the hospital with chest pains, etc.  This leads to a couple of nights in the hospital, which in turn leads to some serious charges from the hospital.

March rolls around and what does this consumer receive?  He receives a bill for $25,000 from the hospital.  This guy works at one of the biggest retail chains in the country!!  After he called me pretty upset, I was very curious to see the benefits that was provided by this very recognizable company.  What did his group health insurance plan cover?  I will tell you as it covered $10,000 of hospital charges for the year.  That is crazy and almost criminal to me.

Moral of the story?? Every year get the benefit summary of your health insurance plan if it supplied to you from an employer.