Monday, February 27, 2012

Michigan High Deductible Plan F Medicare Supplement Plan

Within the Medicare market, I am shocked to see how many Seniors do not know about the Medicare Supplement Plan F high deductible.

Across the market, Plan F and Plan G are the most popular, and obviously with a higher price tag.  Those two plans have low out of pocket costs for Seniors, and give great comfort to the buyer in them knowing that complete coverage is in the place.

Over the last few years however, we have seen a lot of consumers ask about the Michigan high deductible plan F.  In a sense being Plan F (remember plan F is complete coverage from day 1), with a deductible of $2070.00 before the plan kicks in.  One would admit that it is a high deductible, but take in consideration the price.  An "aging in" Senior turning 65 can find a high deductible plan F for around $45.00 a month.  Regular Michigan Plan F Medicare supplement plans for an "aging in" can be found for right around $140.00 a month.

Again, the High F plan is booming.  Seniors are finding that their Medicare advantage plans have out of pocket costs of over $3500 and so.  They are asking about the plan.  Other seniors are just asking.

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Michigan Charitable Giving With Life Insurance

As you can imagine, this is very popular within the state of Michigan.  First off, consult with a CPA if or before you ever consider this.

A consumer picks a permanent life insurance plan, and in a nutshell will pay the premiums for it.  However the church is the owner and beneficiary.  You pay the premiums and if everything falls into place, you will be eligible for tax write off for the premiums that again you pay.  To be more precise your premiums might be considered a "gift".

Different types of Michigan life insurance plans are popular when it comes to this.  Single Premium whole life plans (one lump sum payment), 10 pay whole life plans (pay for ten years and policy is paid off), and lifetime pay whole life plans.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Child (Children) Life Insurance In Michigan

Truthfully, not many things in the insurance industry gets me excited these days. However, when Mutual of Omaha introduced a new Whole Life Policy for children that excited me. So I thought I would send out an email and tell you about the key features of this plan. I know that most people don't want to think about the possibility of needing a Life Insurance Policy for their child but the nice thing about it is that this policy will last them a lifetime and you are locking in the rates for them based on their current age. 

I have always told my clients that I don't represent any products that I wouldn't put my family in. Well I am here to tell you that I liked the Mutual of Omaha children's life insurance policy. The program features include:

-Simple application with very limited health questions and no exam required.
-After transferring the policy when they are of age they may purchase additional insurance without   evidence of insurability at their 30th, 33rd, 36th and 39th birthdays.
-The cash value builds over time for them.
-The rates will never, ever increase.
-The benefit will never, ever decrease.

Rate Examples based on a $25,000 benefit (Many other levels available)

4 Yr old Male……...$7.75/m
9 Yr old Female…...$11.50/m
14 Yr old Male.…....$15.25/m
19 Yr old Female….$15.25/m
Now I know what most of you are thinking that the chances of you needing this for your child is very slim and "YES" I agree with you because that is how I thought. But don't do it for now, do it in case of for later. It is very affordable, even makes a great option for the Grandparents to purchase for their grandkids as well. 
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