Saturday, November 12, 2011

Annuity information for Michigan consumers

In a recent article I read, author Paul Cross discussed reason why people are taking their money, and moving them into annuities.

To review, let us discuss the top ten reasons why according to Mr. Cross.

  1. Protect their money and make it available to their heirs quickly.
  2. To avoid probate court.
  3. Guaranteed rate of return.
  4. Tax favored stream of income.
  5. Tax deferred growth.
  6. Reduce or eliminate income tax on Social Security income
  7. Stop paying tax on interest accumulation.
  8. More growth on their money.
  9. Safety!!..
  10. View the article to read more!!
Obviously, annuities are not for everyone.  However, some consumers are truly suffering with their bank cd's and money market accounts.  Michigan annuity rates are currently very competitive, and again by viewing the perks of a fixed annuity above, might be very beneficial to you.