Sunday, April 24, 2011

Michigan Medicare Supplement Plan N Is Still Available!

Word going around the state right now is some of the major Medicare supplement companies are taken away plan N.  While true in some aspects, be advised that Plan N as of 4/24/11 is still available in the state of Michigan.

When Plan N was introduced last year, seniors within the state flocked to the plan.  The most affordable Michigan Medicare supplement plan, with comparable benefits.  Well, some hardships occurred I guess you could say.  For some time, Plan N was a "no question asked" policy.  If you could afford the plan, well then you were in.  As you can imagine a lot of seniors with pre-existing conditions took the plan.  In a nutshell, a lot of Medicare supplement companies were losing money quick.  Some of the companies have even left the Plan N market.

This quick post is to let you know that Plan N Michigan Medicare supplement plans are still available.  They are underwritten now, but again still available.